- by Ron Hutchinson - - directed by Peter Craze -
a Dual Theatre Company presentation
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An Elegant Madness

It is the winter of 1819.

In Bath the season is just about to start.

Sedan chairs are carrying ladies to the Pump Room.

There are carriages outside every house and lights in every window.

But this is not Bath or Brighton or any of the other fashionable watering holes where for years Beau Brummell held court to regency swells. The most stylish man of his day may still be more interested in cuffs, collars and creases than matters of life and death but now he lives in a madhouse in Calais with his valet, determined to relive past glories. George Bryan Brummell, known as Beau is convinced that once the Prince of Wales, now King George IV, hears of and sees his plight he will be restored to his former glory and position in court.
Today the Prince is coming to Calais!

How will he react to Beau’s situation?

Will he really forgive Beau?

What was the faux pas that caused the Prince to ‘cut’ him – a technique that Beau Brummell himself had pioneered and used to great effect in his early days of influence? Dual Theatre Company with Ron Hutchinson’s magnificent new play An Elegant Madness will lead you in an intriguing and sparkling examination of these questions. . . .


Directed by Peter Craze, An Elegant Madness, based on Ron Hutchinson’s Beau Brummell is a wonderful example of modern new comedic writing, a tale of grandeur and dissolution. It pits an established English legend, Beau Brummell, against the common man, Austin his revolutionary manservant.
Renowned for plays such as Rat in the Skull, here Hutchinson's writing creates a brilliant style developing a modern language, which resonates with the grandeur of the Georgian setting of the piece.The play is full of comedy, fast moving and at times a study in pathos. It flows seamlessly, contrasting philosophy with humour, laughter with madness. It challenges patronage, the English relationship with all things foreign and above all the nation’s obsession with celebrity and its trappings.

And here are a few scenes from our production in Cirencester 2004

In the Bath

Lord Chesterfield

Shirt Dressing

Unblacked Boots

Beau Brummell!

Famous for being famous

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