Dual Theatre Company

written by                                                                    directed by
 Ron Hutchinson                                       Peter Craze
a Dual Theatre Company production

' -a real tour de force - '

This play by Ron Hutchinson is a masterpiece of style and modern theatrical craftsmanship. It holds the attention from the first and contains many laughs and even more smiles, as well as sadness and pathos. Everyone who has seen it has come away with a good feeling and has spread the word about the quality of both writing and performance. This production directed by Peter Craze will enhance the reputation of any theatre from the 300+ seater down to the local village hall. Workshops prepared and run by the company for theatre and school drama groups provide a valuable insight into the workings of a small scale touring company. We look at the day to day running of the company and the interpretation of selected scripts, together with hands on practice.
Whatever you do, don't let another season go by without it!!